Hello friends!

I hope August treated you well. It’s September! Yippee!

A few weeks ago I did this super fun, whole week unit on Mo Willems and I wanted to share some pictures. We learned from his writing style and drawings and used them as inspiration to be authors and illustrators.

It was incredible to see my 5 and 6 year olds take on this role so CONFIDENTLY. This age is so fun because they really believe they are capable of whatever they put their mind to – and they are!

My absolute FAVORITE activity was our directed drawings of Pigeon. We just love him. We especially love yelling “NO!” whenever he asks us to drive the bus or stay up late. And we giggle a lot when he tries to get out of taking a bath or finds a hot dog.


Didn’t these turn out SO cute?! Oh my word. I’m thinking about “losing” them (at my house) instead of returning them 😉

I found this image when doing a google search (I couldn’t find the original source! I’m sorry!) and thought hey! That doesn’t look to hard! So I figured we would give it a try. I explained and drew each piece on the smart board while they watched and then they did it on their papers. I had them use crayons instead of pencil so there could be no erasing. It worked out really well!


The kids really, really, really loved it and were so proud of their accomplishment!


Here is a close up of a few of them. I mean every single one turned out so great! Every one!

So I am completely obsessed with directed drawings now. I purchased a great set on Teachers Pay Teachers and we have already tried out a pig to go with our Three Little Pigs book last week. It is one of my favorite new activities!

The final benefit of this project is reading the hilarious stories my students keep writing about Pigeon.


One of my boys was writing “If You Take a Mouse to Pigeon’s House.” I was cracking up when he told me all the things that would happen. Think: the mouse will try to eat his hot dog; the mouse will drive the bus and pigeon will be mad, etc. So creative! I love that they have gained the confidence to draw him and even mimic stories they have heard.

I hope these drawings gave you as much joy as they have given me!


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