Disney. Delightful.

So I’m a student teacher in probably the best second grade classroom in Bartlesville (I may be a bit biased). My mentor teacher is absolutely crazy about Disney. Everything Disney. If you know me at all, you know this is a perfect fit. What could be more fun than a Disney themed classroom?

You’re right. Nothing.

Anyway, I’ve been doing my best to find things I can contribute to our lovely classroom. I found these AWESOME Disney alphabet letters. They’re printable and free! We’re going to put them up on our word wall.

Delightful Disney Alphabet

This was such a great find! Not only does the site give an awesome alphabet for free, it has tons of other ideas and printables for your classroom or kids.

My favorite thing I’ve discovered, though, is an instrumental CD of Disney favorites. It’s called Heigh-Ho! Mozart It features 16 favorite Disney songs in the styles of different classical composers. I ordered this used on Amazon, received it a few days later, and uploaded it to the school computer immediately. We have been listening to it during all the quiet times of the day and the students really enjoy it. So do we! They know it is a privilege to listen to music so they are always on their best behavior when the music is on.

Our classroom is also decorated lavishly with Disney memorabilia collected over a lifetime. The kids seriously love it and it’s just so much fun.I look forward to finding more classroom friendly Disney things to add into the curriculum throughout this semester.


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